Mary's Children May Box

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  • Mother of God Coloring Book
  • Mary Garden seed packet
  • Pavlova base

Children love Mary! This box contains three great activities that will bring your family closer together and closer to Mary, as well as keep your little ones active and creative.

The Mother of God Coloring Book is packed with 35 images of Mary to color! And each image is accompanied with full explanations of the Marian image.

The Mary Garden seed packet brings the family outdoors for the entire month as you participate in a centuries old tradition of planting, tending, and enjoying a garden of flowers specifically chosen to represent aspects of Our Mother.

Finally, when we celebrate Mary, we celebrate with fruit. Get your little ones in the kitchen and let them treat the entire family with pavlova. We provided the meringue base so the only thing left to do is the fun stuff. Your children just need to top it with whipped cream and their favorite fruit for a delicious and unique dessert fit for any Marian feast!