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    The blessing of bread is the tradition of several August feasts. This August celebrate one or more of these feasts with a freshly baked loaf of bread. Take it to your priest to be blessed or bless it at home. A beautiful Our Father hand towel will remind you always to pray for your daily bread. 

    Around the world, Catholics acknowledge the importance of blessing the first fruits of the harvest. August 1st was called Lammas Day, or Loaf Mass Day, by the early Christians. In the English speaking countries that celebrated Lammas Day, it became common to push this celebration to August 6th as part of the Transfiguration. In Italy, the same would be done for the Assumption with bread and grapes, though the grapes take precedence that day. The following day, Hungary incorporates the tradition of blessing bread with its celebration of the feast of St. Stephen of Hungary. Thank God this August!

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