Welcome to Feast Day

Reigniting tradition

Our story

This all started one day when John Hart came across a recipe for St. Martin’s goose in a Slovenian cookbook. Since that moment, John became captivated by the rich traditions around the globe that have arisen from the Church and her calendar.

As he researched these traditions, he discovered saints and feast days he scarcely knew -- saints that people elsewhere in the world celebrated with fervent joy with delicious foods and traditions. For years, John held on to the hope of using this knowledge to help others bring the faith and beauty of the liturgical seasons into their everyday lives.

As time passed, this dream continued to creep into his consciousness, growing ever stronger, though he didn’t have a clear idea how to bring it to reality.  During this time, John and his wife, Avani, watched their family grow, bringing three beautiful children -- Bernie, Henry, and Lucky -- into the world. He continued to teach English, write, and publish poetry in journals like the Antioch Review, Image, North American Review, and The Southern Review, among other notable publications.

Finally, during the 2018 Lenten season, the seed of an idea began to form. The concept of a subscription box and online Catholic grocery started to take shape. Not long after, research for product and web development as well as how to build awareness via Facebook and Instagram began.

On October 1, 2018, Feast Day celebrated its grand opening!

John, Avani, Bernie, Henry, and Lucky look forward to celebrating many holidays and feast days with you for years to come. 

Happy Feast Day and God Bless!