Welcome to Feast Day

Reigniting our traditions can be more than difficult. While many families, both the faithful and secular, continue to celebrate the main holidays, the Catholic feast days often pass us by unnoticed, or when we’re unprepared to properly observe them. Many recipes and methods for preparing our faith’s time-honored foods take more time than we have, require equipment we don’t own, or use skills we’ve not learned.

Like you, the folks at Feast Day recognize the struggle in fully bringing the liturgy into the home. We’ll take the burden from you so you can bring our Church’s feast days and liturgical seasons into your home. Leave the shopping to us! Feast Day packs a pilgrimage into your grocery bag with foods that Catholics around the globe use to celebrate these holy days and it’s delivered right to your door.

What makes Feast Day unique? We don’t do anything new. We simply help you honor and carry on the traditions the Catholic Church built around our faith for over 2,000 years. We simply make it easier for you to celebrate these rich traditions, deepening your connection to your loved ones and to Catholics around the globe.

When we come together we protect the traditions down to their roots because a percentage of your purchases helps Catholics struggling to meet their daily needs as they preserve Christianity in the Holy Land.

Let's reignite tradition.