Unique Easter gifts that help evangelization

Not everything you need for Easter, just the details everyone will remember.

15% of your purchase helps fund evangelization projects!

Feast Day candy isn't your everyday candy.

These Roses are the perfect treat for any Marian feast. Made in Turin, Italy on a candy machine dating back to the 1800s, these elegant rose-shaped candies are flavored with rosewater making them a perfect bouquet. They are both natural and refined, treat and devotion.

Serve with tea, champagne, or with your next charcuterie board.

5 oz bag.

Made in Italy.

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It's like stepping into a church every time you pray.

But the High Mass candle is not about ambience. It's about closing the door to distractions so you can spend meaningful time with the Lord.

Praying at home can feel less than reverent. But your sense of smell is powerful and the scent of incense can help you shut out even the most hectic day.

One 8oz candle burns for approximately 45 hours.
Just place your order, wait on your candle, and improve your prayer life.
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If you like to remind others that God is a part of everything, these pint glasses will do that the next time you share a pint with friends. This pint glass features a gold halo rim, bishop miters, and prayer to the patrons of brewers, St. Augustine and St. Arnold.

While St. Arnold had a passion for brewing, St Augustine became a patron of brewers simply because he was the patron of the Augustinians, who were known for their beer.

16 oz pint glasses. Sold individually.

Not dishwasher or microwave safe.

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The Christmas ornament you won't put away.

The first installment of the new annual ornament collection is going to help you share the real meaning of Christmas with your Christmas tree.

The feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is the unofficial start of the Christmas season in Mexico. But, being the patroness of the Americas, Our Lady of Guadalupe is a beloved Marian devotion across America as well. Pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe for our country and church. Celebrate her feast. Decorate your tree with her image and make her a part of your Christmas.

3.375 x 1.25 x .875 inches

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