What is Feast Day?

Feast Day is a small subscription box company and online shop dedicated to helping you live liturgically.

Following the example of the Church, we believe liturgical living in the domestic church should be prayerfully centered around the table. This is what separates us from other Catholic bookstores and giftshops. We carry a small selection of handpicked foods and devotional items to prepare you for the liturgical season and feasts.


How do Feast Day subscriptions work?

Feast Day packs a pilgrimage into your grocery bag with foods that Catholics around the globe use to celebrate the holy days and it’s delivered right to your door. 

Subscribing is easy! Just set up your subscription, wait for your box, and celebrate the feasts.



You choose the number of months you want to pay for in advance—1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year. The longer you prepay the higher the discount! 



When you set up a subscription, you are setting up a reoccurring order. You can cancel at any time, even after only receiving one box! You can also skip months and return whenever you want. However, when you sign up for 1 month, you are still signing up for a reoccurring order. You will need to cancel after subscribing if you only want to receive one box.




Can I sign someone up for a subscription as a gift?

Feast Day subscriptions have made wonderful gifts for every occasion and have been given to everyone from priests to newlyweds. Our boxes are a fun and unique way to encourage others to bring the Faith into their home, or bring it home in a new way.



Remember that you are setting up a reoccurring order. We suggest prepaying for the number of months you want to send the gift and immediately cancelling the subscription to ensure you are not billed for more months than you wanted to gift.




What if there is a problem with my subscription or order?

If anything in your subscription or order is damaged or missing, please contact us within 5 days of delivery so we can rectify the situation. 


I am a business owner with products I think will work in your boxes. What is the process for introducing ourselves, our business, our products?

Whether you own a bakery, are an artist, or create anything else Catholics might need to live liturgically, we want to hear from you! Please contact us.


Are the one-time purchase boxes on the seasonal page the same as the subscriptions? Do they contain the same products?

These boxes are not the same. The subscription boxes contain food items for more than one feast or season while the one-time purchase boxes found on the seasonal page are to help you celebrate one feast or season. Another big difference between the two boxes is that we reveal what is inside the one-time purchase boxes while the subscription boxes remain a surprise. 



On occasions an item will appear in both boxes. However, if boxes contain duplicate products, the subscription boxes will be delivered before we make the one-time purchase box available for purchase. Therefore, if you are a subscriber interested in purchasing an additional seasonal box, you will not have any problem determining if you are purchasing a box with a duplicate item.