Get Catholics' new favorite candle and support St. Ann's School

The candle that transformed living rooms for virtual Masses is ready to transform your school.

40% of your purchase goes to St. Ann's!

Order between 9/17 - 9/19.

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The scent for every feast and season... Incense!

Praying at home can feel less than reverent. Escaping distractions couldn't be more difficult. But these incense scented High Mass candles help make prayer at home a little easier. Refocusing just one more of your senses in prayer helps you block out the rest of the world and focus on Jesus.

This 8oz candle in tin candle holder adds a whiff of the sacred to your home everyday of the year. Incense scented to create the perfect atmosphere for your prayer, meditation, and reading time.
One 8oz candle burns for approximately 45 hours.
Just place your order, wait on your candle, and improve your prayer life.

Rejoice, Rejoice

Braedon Eckert

Literally the Best Smell Ever

I have recently made the decision to convert and I have fallen in love with incense but can’t always make it to mass with incense, this candle helps me still love the smell without having to be there!

Mary Ann


When I first opened the tin of the high mass candle the beautiful scent came through! I haven’t even lit it yet but it’s so nice.

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