Odds and ends? We got your Thanksgiving shopping list.

Odds and ends? We got your Thanksgiving shopping list.

1. Coffee and Dessert

Whether you need help with your dessert or a gift for a friend, this grocery bag is cute but sensible enough for all your Thanksgiving needs.

2. Farmhouse Corn Chowder Mix

Hearty, delicious, and simple to prepare. This will be a unique starter before the meal and a great vegetarian option that won't take your attention away from all the other cooking you have ahead.

3. Autumn Duo

If you're known for struggling with desserts, you'll fool everyone when you serve this apple crisp and sea salted caramel cheesecake. Delicious! Delicious! Delicious!

4. Guadalupe Roastery Coffee

If you serve amazing desserts, you better have great coffee to pair with them. Fortunately, you have two amazing choices: Dark Columbian and Nicaraguan.

5. Sea Salt Caramel Biscotti

If you're ending the day with sea salted caramel cheesecake and coffee, imagine the sophistication of framing the entire meal by serving a pre-dinner snack with similar flavors. Bring the yum all day.

6. Multigrain Bread Mix

Serve a hearty loaf of delicious homemade bread. We'll just make "homemade" a little easier.

7. Stemless Wine Glasses

Add some saintly wisdom and heavenly cheer to your gatherings. These stemless 9 oz. wine glasses are beautifully inscribed in white lettering with the wisdom of the saints. No Catholic kitchen, bar, or Thanksgiving table should be without them.

8. Drinking with Saint Nick

All the wine, beer, cider, and cocktail recommendations and recipes you need between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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