Tips for your Michaelmas menu

Tips for your Michaelmas menu


If there was ever a feast day that needed to be celebrated with the same gusto it was celebrated in its heyday, it’s the feast of St. Michael. The tradition around most of Europe had been to celebrate the feast of St. Michael with goose, though it isn’t unheard of in parts of Germany to serve duck. In modern day liturgical living circles, chicken or Cornish hens are often substituted for more expensive fowl. And if it makes celebrating the feast more accessible, why not?

The feast of the Archangels, formerly celebrated solely as the feast of St. Michael, falls on a Tuesday this year. Our hats off to anyone who serves goose on a Tuesday, but if you want to celebrate the feast of St. Michael as traditionally as possible, here are a few tips.

  1. Celebrate the feast on Sunday the 26th. Not only will you be celebrating the feast of St. Michael but enjoying a great Sunday dinner. If you go to all that work, you might want to invite guests who will likely be more available on Sunday.
  2. Find a dependable goose recipe. Don’t be disappointed after cooking all day. The recipe for St. Martin’s goose in "The Vatican Cookbook" will help you create a dinner you can be proud of.
  3. You don’t have to cook from scratch. If you want goose but don’t want to risk cooking it from scratch, visit Schiltz Foods. There you’ll find whole goose, breasts, legs, either uncooked, smoked, or roasted. And they are amazing! 
  4. Make a traditional Michaelmas dessert. Blackberry desserts are the norm for the feast of St. Michael. Legend says that Satan landed on a blackberry bush after being thrown from Paradise. In anger he spit on the bush the fruit to go bitter. Therefore, blackberries have to be picked before the Michaelmas. Here’s a recipe you’ll enjoy.
  5. Enjoy other seasonal foods. Many of the reasons certain foods are used to celebrate a feast is because they are in season. Of course, this can change from place to place. There is no reason you couldn’t add a little pumpkin or an apple dessert to your menu. If you’re already enjoying some cool weather, we recommend pumpkin spice hot cocoa.
  6. Finally, don’t forget prayer! The Litany to St. Michael is a beautiful prayer as is the Michael chaplet. Add both to your feast.

Don’t miss celebrating the feast of St. Michael. It is a beautiful way to reconnect with family and refocus your attention on the Lord as we begin to celebrate other great saints celebrated in October and All Saints Day and All Souls Day in November.

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