Do you put up an image of the Resurrection in your home?

Do you put up an image of the Resurrection in your home?

If you’ve subscribed to the Feast Day the last few years, you know that one of the things that has always perplexed us is that the scene of the Resurrection doesn’t show up in homes at Easter the way the Nativity does at Christmas. For most Catholics, displaying their Nativity during Advent and Christmas is one of their favorite traditions. How did this tradition not transfer to Christ’s moment of glory?

Well, pull up the Easter page at your favorite online Catholic shop. How many scenes of the Resurrection come up? The selection is minimal. Therefore, there might not be a preference to bunnies and chicks but an issue of having little choice. Even more puzzling, the Resurrection statues and images that are available tend to be hidden, rarely appearing in the Easter collections of online shops. Those of us seeking out the Resurrection might have a difficult time finding it.

At Feast Day, we don’t carry the traditional items you find in Catholic giftshops, so we feel compelled to tell you when we find something great. And recently we found something great. Holy Art has one of the loveliest statue-sets we’ve found in a long time and you have time to get it for this Easter season.

The Christ Moment of Resurrection statue is 9 cm of Christ in His moment of glory. Two pieces accompany the traditional depiction of the Risen Lord: the background rays of light and the St. George flag. The details are far superior to any other statue I’ve seen around this size.

The size isn’t overwhelming. You’ll have no trouble fitting it on a side tables or book shelve. Though I do have a larger statue to display during the Easter season, I choose this set to display in another room of the house so it is clear what the focus of Easter is.

One of the other things I love about this statue is that it isn’t the only one. The product page for the Resurrection statue offers suggestions for similar-sized statues depicting moments of Christ’s life. There are multiple scenes from the Passion, like the condemnation, carrying the cross, and the scourging at the pillar. Plus, there are even less expected scenes from Christ’s life that are significant during Lent like the entry into Jerusalem and the woman at the well. Each set is beautiful!

This collection might be one of the most significant I’ve ever seen. I don’t know many Catholics who aren’t concerned about the way secular culture is trying to replace the real meaning OF Catholic holy days. This selection of religious statuary makes it easy to combat that in your home. For many moments in Christ’s life that we celebrate, they have a statue to help us visualize it in our home. 

And if you’re worried you might pick up more than one, don’t. These statues are proof that value doesn’t have to be expensive. Most sets are under $20. This is the time to treat yourself.

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