Authenticity: we want to feed the hungry

Authenticity: we want to feed the hungry

St. John Bosco said, "Whatever you do, think of the Glory of God as your main goal."

We want to live these words, but posting daily to various social media accounts, monitoring social media engagement, and competing to stand out in the crowd has become too much of a distraction. We want to leave more of those concerns to God and direct our focus on strengthening our own spiritual lives and sending you the food and devotional items you need to live liturgically.


We are planning on maintaining a more limited social media presence, limiting posts to one a day and deleting our Twitter account completely. 

We would like to find more meaningful and authentic ways to connect with you, starting with more regular blog posts and emails. We encourage you to stay in touch by signing up for our email list and take advantage of our loyalty program, the Feast Day Club.

We can't continue to contribute to the noise of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We want the name Feast Day to mean more. 

We're not telling you this just to make an announcement. We want to hear your announcement. What have you taken away from this period of social distancing? Can you reduce the noise in your life? How can you make the Glory of God your main goal? Please share with us in the comments below!

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