7 simple ways to make your Easter heavenly

7 simple ways to make your Easter heavenly
  1. Blessing Easter food

If your parish doesn’t have blessing of the food on Holy Saturday, find parish founded by Eastern Europeans and check their Easter schedule. Put some or all of your Easter food in a basket and take it church to be blessed.


  1. Bunnies are out, lambs are in

Replace some of those bunnies with lambs! We’re celebrating the Lamb of God who sacrificed Himself for us so let’s add some lambs to the Easter basket.


  1. Candles

Add some scented lavender or lilac candles to make your home smell like a garden. You might also mix it with the scent of church by adding the High Mass candle.


  1. Make an Easter playlist

Think about how much Christmas music lifts our spirits. A playlist cycling through songs like “Jesus Christ is Risen Today,” “The Strife Is O’er, The Battle Done,” “Regina Caeli,” and many others will make your Easter Sunday absolutely heavenly.


  1. Make the Resurrection visible

You’ve probably invested in a beautiful nativity for Christmas so why not put out a statue of the Resurrected Christ during the Easter season. HolyArt.com has a large selection ranging from the $19 to the hundreds. (Shipping can take over a week so order early.)


  1. Candy

Are you setting out a candy dish of jelly beans? Set out a candy dish of Roses next to an image of the Blessed Virgin, too.


  1. Serve wine and wisdom

When you serve wine on Easter, serve it in wine glasses with joyful quotes of the saints. For example, one wine glass quotes St. John Vianney, “It is always springtime in a heart that loves God.”

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