4 ways to celebrate the feasts and month of Mary

4 ways to celebrate the feasts and month of Mary

It is the month of Mary!

Are you looking for ways to celebrate? Here are a few simple things you can do during the next four weeks. They might be simple but they'll have a huge impact on your family.


Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

Though there aren’t any specific dishes to commemorate the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, a Portuguese dish that is popular in spring and summer is piri piri chicken. Simply season a whole chicken with piri piri seasoning and grill. Butterfly the chicken to make grilling easier. If you haven’t seen the movie Fatima that came out last year, make the feast a movie night. 


Feast of St. Rita

Once when St. Rita was ill, she requested figs. However, it was the middle of winter and that seemed impossible. However, two figs were found on a nearby tree. St. Rita has become so associated with figs that one variety is even named the St. Rita fig. A simple snack containing figs is a pleasant way to celebrate the feast of St. Rita.


Pentecost Sunday

Have you ever had gooseberry pudding? In England, that is a traditional dessert for Pentecost Sunday. However, if you think it might be difficult coming up with gooseberry pudding today, cheesecakes are also popular, particularly any cheesecake topped with strawberry topping. And if you want to make your dinner extra special, set the table with a white tablecloth and sprinkle red rose petals over it.


Visitation of Blessed Virgin Mary

Some feasts, as important as they are, aren’t necessarily associated with any known traditions. However, Marian feast days always be celebrated with fruit or fruit desert. On Monday, the Visitation, you can celebrate this Marian feast with any summery fruit desert you like. Is it time for cherry pie, blueberry cobbler, or strawberry cheesecake?


Have a blessed May!

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