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Jeanne Devendorf

We are new converts to the Faith and this has been a wonderful support for us.

Dustin Bingham

Everything we need to celebrate the major feast or feasts of the month in one box. I couldn’t be happier with the thought, creativity, and quality that has went into this subscription service.

Deacon Joe and Amber

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Christina Kowalski

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Reigniting tradition

Why live liturgically?

The Church’s liturgical year helps us walk in the footsteps of Christ. Pope Benedict XVI wrote, “The more man becomes ‘word’ – or rather: the more his whole existence is directed toward God – the more he accomplishes true worship.” Living liturgically gives us the opportunity to grow in humility; to forget our own lives and take on the life of Christ, which, in a way, is to live the crucifixion and resurrection at once.

Since the Catholic Church is the universal church, populated by all cultures, we members of the Church express our joy and gratitude in incalculable ways. However, the celebratory spirit extends far beyond the appreciation of a good party. Instead, it becomes an essential part of our prayer life. Of the four types of prayer – adoration, contrition, petition, thanksgiving – the prayer of thanksgiving is the type most often overlooked.

What is our greatest prayer of thanksgiving?

It’s the meal we receive at Holy Mass – the Source and Summit of our lives – the Holy Eucharist. Celebration and devotion become one in the same. It’s no wonder that at home in the 2,000 years of the domestic church, we’ve turned to a family meal as our primary method for offering our thanksgiving and to represent the reasons for our gratefulness.